DRIVR: Winter Show Submission


The core inputs for the project will consist of a rotating steering wheel and two pedals that control the direction and the speed of the virtual vehicle. The direction and speed will then determine the type of video that will play.


DriVR would require a large display in order for the user to be immersed into the visuals. Another option would be a large monitor on top of the dashboard. The videos are all short video clips that are cut from famous movie scenes. They are categorized into their respective speed and direction categories.


The amount of space required for showing DriVR will be approximately 5.5" by 4". Demonstrated above, the project should be showcased in an enclosure, most likely done with black curtains. We wish to create a dark space for the user to experience DriVR as if they were in a movie theater.


Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 6.45.53 PM.png

The code and physical computing aspects for drivR is completed and well tested with user feedback. The remaining task involves fabricating a wooden enclosure that will resemble a car dashboard. The "dashboard" should have dimensions of 2.5'' wide, 2 '' depth, and ~1'' tall. This enclosure is primarily to hide the arduino, wires, and to fix the wheel onto a stable surface.