a mixed reality launch video


Role: XR Production Specialist

Time to completion: 4 weeks

Tools : Unity, Premiere, AfterEffects,

Links : website


Spatial is a mixed reality application used on head mounted augmented reality devices like the Microsoft HoloLens or the Magic Leap One. The goal of the launch video was to re-create the “hard to explain” magic of Spatial without having to rely on pre-processed footage. Everything in the video was shot live with a HoloLens mounted atop a RED camera. My role was to act as a bridge between the engineering team and the film crew during pre-production, production, and post-production phases of the shoot.


I managed the prototype camera+HoloLens rig that was used for rehearsal/test shoots. The prototype rig consisted of a Canon 5D, a stabilizer, and the HoloLens mounted in between. The camera and HoloLens were hooked up to a Unity spectator view.

IMG_1412 (1).jpg

We eventually moved the HoloLens to our production camera gear for the real shoot, replacing the Canon with a RED camera and the stabilizer with a steadicam body mount. The HoloLens was mounted on a steel frame in order to further steady it while it was mounted atop the RED camera.

IMG_1503 (1).jpg

During the shoot, I was the virtual director. I calibrated the virtual world to match the real world using a Unity spectator view. I was also in charge of bringing in specific assets into the virtual world based off of cues from the film director.

Me controlling the Unity SpectatorView during a recording session.

Me controlling the Unity SpectatorView during a recording session.