3D Object Deconstruction

For this week's assignment for Piecing It Together, we were to take an object and deconstruct it into 2D pieces. I chose my trust water bottle.

I found it easier to split up the bottle into sections and subsections. The two main sections are the container and the cap.

The best way for me to construct the container would be to build it upwards layer by layer. The base of the container is smaller in area than the top, so as the layers placed would need to gradually increase in size. The container also has ridges on its sides. These ridges would also have to be gradually incorporated into the layers.

I separated the cap into four different subsections. This helped me visualize how to build each part of the cap. Sections A, B, and C are pretty straightforward. For section D, I decided on the same layering technique, but this time on an angle. 

This exercise was interesting as it forced me to think about objects in different dimensions. It also made me appreciate my water bottle a lot more. I take it for granted sometimes.