Intro to Comp Media: ITPness

Some guy compiled a 25k+ entry'd json of comments from pornhub content. I decided to use it in this week's assignment. It probably wasn't the best idea, but by the time I realized that, I was already too far in.

These comments were like 99% incredibly vulgar, so I first decided to clean up the language a bit by replacing certain "bad" words with a "good alternative". I used the same data structure that I used for my Morse code translation in my previous assignment. The replacing of these words reminded me of the R rated movies shown on like TNT or something and how they would have dubbed lines over swear words.

As these new translations started printing out, some of them actually reminded me of comments people would say to others for their first couple ICM assignments. So I took several ICM projects from the first week and imported them into my project (sorry, I didn't ask for permission. let me know if you want them taken down!)

Finally, I implemented it so that several users(someone from the class) would "comment" on a random p5.js sketch, simulating a live stream of comments like you would see on video streaming sites such as... YouTube. These comments are PG-ified to the best of my abilities.

After reading through hundreds of these pornhub comments, I experienced a numbness in my brain. Censorship became such a meaningless concept to me during this time of desensitization. Not sure where I'm going with this, but if you want to see the unedited versions of the comments, you can comment out "c = filterBadWord(c);" in the code. 

code here