Intro to Phys Comp: Final Ideas

I want to get my hands dirty with interactive storytelling, so I want to create a project that allows the user to be a part of a film. An idea I have is a Car Chase Simulator. 

The user interface would be the obvious car parts: a steering wheel, a gas and brake pedal, and a gear shifter. There would also need to be a screen to display video, preferably a wide one to simulate the front windshield. The user would start the movie by starting the car. As the user controls the wheel and pedals, the movie changes to different scenes. There would be a large collection of car chase footage from famous movies, so when the user turns left, the scene would change depending on the current state of the movie.


Just thinking about the process of creating this project is giving me a slight panic attack. Although I have a good idea of how all the user inputs would work, the thought of recreating the interior of a car and collecting hundreds of car chase movie clips, and editing them, and then coding the logic... It's a lot of work! But I think it's doable with the skills I currently have. This project would combine a lot of the skills I have and are learning at ITP.