Visual Language: Typography

I have chosen six typefaces that describe me.

  • Inconsolata
  • Courier New
  • Comic Sans
  • Press Start 2P
  • Vidaloka
  • Special Elite

Because of my programming background, I chose two monotype typefaces: Inconsolata and Courier New. I am starting to see Inconsolata more and more these days in modern text editors, and when I see Courier, it automatically makes me think about programming.

Comic Sans is chosen because it reminded me of the simple days of elementary school. A time when people didn't really judge you based off what font you're using. Comic Sans is kind of seen as an ancient joke nowadays. Hopefully it makes a comeback.

I liked Vidaloka mainly because of the lowercase 'y'. My name is Bryan. So even though it's not that big of a deal, it still gets inconvenient when people take down or refer to me as Brian through emails, even when the correct spelling is right in front of them. I thought that if the 'y' was more special or looked nicer, people would remember it a bit more.

I chose Special Elite and Press Start 2P simply due to my interests. I love watching film and I love played video games. Special Elite reminds me of the type on film scripts, and Press Start 2P is a reference to the low bit text that appeared on early video games.

I placed horizontal guidelines along each typeface to look at the differences in the cap height, x height, baseline, and descender.

Creating expressive text was simultaneously frustrating and fun. It took me pages of random doodlings before I got to my final three choices. My process was to write down random words and think about what things relate to those words.

I would then look at the letters used and figure out if there were any special characteristics that could be used to represent the relationship to the word. I ended up with split, sword, and nail.