Brunelleschi Brainstorming

For the midterm project,  we (Jina, Jixuan, Mona, and I ) wanted to create the illusion of depth and height on flat surfaces.

In room 50 of ITP, there is a grid of square panels. By projecting vanishing points on each square, we could play around with a character or object climbing or falling into these squares. 

As we were looking up and down the stair well of the building, we noticed that the underside of the stairs still look like stairs, creating a sort of upside down world. There are also two very distant vanishing points as you look up and down the center of the well. We can use these properties to create a sense of vertigo and perplexity.

On the fifth floor, the top and bottom of a wall is color separated. We found that viewing a corner of this wall from a low perspective makes the corner look concave, as if the corner is going inwards. Switching to a high perspective makes it easier to view it as a convex object. If we project a similar image onto a blank wall, we could create an illusion of an object being both inside and outside depending on the perspective of the viewer.