Cheap Twitterbots

The first Twitterbot assignment was to create five bots with the Cheap Bots Done Quick tool. Here are the five bots I created. Each description links to the JSON used to create the bot.

Combines one line from Shakespeare's sonnets and one line from Eminem's Lose Yourself.

Almost all of the data I used were from Darius Kazemi's Corpora Project, except for the Eminem lines. I found it interesting that all of these bots were not ideated until after going through all of the different categories of data in the Corpora Project. I would browse through these categories and keep ones that had potential in my mind. Tracery was fun to use, but I wasn't how to use JSON values nested within objects (for example something like this). This would open up a lot more possibilities to use pre-existing JSON files.

I was surprised at how poetic some of these bots could be, even when I had no intention of creating something of that nature. My favorite is probably still the JuliaChilds one since it was the one I refreshed the most to see what bizarre thing the bot would create.