a filmic Oracle Deck

What's your favorite movie? Or a movie you've seen recently.

Movies generally follow a three act structure. In the first Act, there is an INCITING INCIDENT. Along with a PROTAGONIST and an ANTAGONIST

This leads to act two, the CONFRONTATION.

Finally in act three, the CLIMAX and the RESOLUTION.

I wanted to turn any movie into an oracle deck. Instead of physical cards, the deck would include short scenes from a movie. The positioning of these cards would indicate the five main themes of a narrative:

1. INCITING INCIDENT - the current situation 

2. PROTAGONIST - describes your current state

3. ANTAGONIST - describes your troubles

4. CONFRONTATION - what will happen when you face your troubles

5. CLIMAX - what will happen at the highest or lowest point

6. RESOLUTION - your future

I decided to use video and film as a format for an oracle deck because it followed the general rules of cleromancy. A film has a discrete number of frames, which can be combined into a discrete number of scenes. I enjoy how the meaning behind each scene can be interpreted differently. Someone having prior knowledge of the film versus someone without would have a different reaction to the card that they view.