3 Designs



Age: 26

Occupation: Systems Engineer

Location: Seattle, WA

Problem: Anthony loves his alone time when he's sitting on the toilet. It's the only time of the day where he can relax, watch YouTube, and browse Reddit. However, he finds that he often loses track of time and overstays his welcome a top the porcelain throne. It can also get uncomfortable for him at certain stages of his process. His legs fall asleep, his back is sore, and there's also other health issues with sitting on a toilet for long periods of times. He also doesn't know where to put his phone when he wants to start using the toilet paper.


Goal: Create a solution that makes it more comfortable to relax on the toilet while also reducing the amount of time he spends on it. A dock that rapidly drains the battery of the phone's device. The dock will start to charge the phone once enough toilet paper has been rolled out. This encourages Anthony to take care of his business quickly and efficiently.




Age: 24

Occupation: Business Analyst

Location: New York, New York

Problem: Allison is a very forgetful person. She likes to go out with her friends often, to go out drinking, partying, and who knows what. She often forgets her keys, her phone, or her wallet all over the city. She also often forgets that she did laundry three hours ago and needs to retrieve it. Although setting alarms and reminders for these kind of things would be an easy solution, Allison would probably forget to do that as well.


Goal: Create a "smart" alarm that will remind Allison of important things to keep with her, as well as important things to do. The application would utilize GPS location to detect when Allison is on the move or stationary at a place. When Allison is leaving, the application will buzz and remind Allison of her important belongings. The app will also be able to detect common locations Allison travels to often. Grocery stores, bank, etc. Static reminders can be set for these special locations. Can also connect with Uber/Lyft to decide when to 




Age: 26

Occupation: Student

Location: New York, New York

Problem: Bryan loves watching movies at the theater. He also loves analyzing key moments in the film. However, he finds that taking down notes on paper or on his phone is too distracting and will often take him out of the movie experience. 


Goal: Create an application that secretly jots down the time and video/audio with just a tap. The phone can be placed in movie theater cup holders. To be discreet, the user interface of the application runs in the background when the phone's display is off. Bryan only needs to tap the screen to record film moments in movies that he loves.