Visual Language: Business Card

Here's my business card! It took me a long time to come up with an idea of what I wanted. I originally wanted to try to use lots of noise and "overwhelm the eye", but it looked way too messy and unprofessional. Software engineers should not be known for their messy code, so I scrapped that idea and went for something a bit more clean and minimalistic. 

I used the color red because it is a very lucky and strong color in Chinese culture. I also used two non-serif fonts (Futura and Avenir) as my type because I liked how clean it looked with the card. My name being on the edge of the card was done so that the first thing a person would see when pulling out my business card would be my name.

Since I did not come from a design background, I asked a couple of my classmates who do for advice and inspiration. Special thanks to Diana Na and Grau Recarens for the help!