Bob Ross Reads Your Fortune

For my final, I am tweaking the tarot card idea I had in a previous assignment. I found that using a movie as the source material for a deck was not always effective. They were also too long and certain scenes out of context left very little to interpret for the reader. Then one night as I was browsing Netflix, I saw a recommended series for me: Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting.

I've known about this series for a long time, but only as a sort of internet meme. I've never actually watched an episode of it before. So I watched an episode, and it was hypnotizing. I knew that I found the solution to my problem and the solution was Bob Ross.

How it works

The "deck" is an episode of "The Joy of Painting". I "shuffle and deal" the deck by choosing five random numbers as timestamps, and each of these numbers are assigned to one position of the spread. In this instance, I am using a Five Card Spread. When a card is selected, a clip of the video at that particular timestamp will play for a small amount of time, and loop until another card is selected.


As for the interpretation of these cards, there were several factors to consider:

  • Bob Ross is constantly talking in his videos. And everything he says can be seen as a metaphor for life, which helps the interpretation of the reading. 
  • The beauty of a Bob Ross video is that you can always determine the current state of the painting. This kind of grounds the video into a very clear and discrete sense of linearity.
  • And there is of course a lot of color in the video. So color is one more factor that can be used for interpretation.

Bob Ross is also incredibly positive, which is what I needed now as the semester is closing and the finals are coming .

code here

app here

Note that any video can be used as the source as long as it's in the same folder as all the other files and it's named bobross.mp4