reddit fortunetelling

As I browse reddit, I would often automatically assume the subreddit that each post belongs to. I am usually correct with my guess. Inspired by the Zener cards,  I wrote a simple chrome extension that removes the subreddit from the post on reddit posts. I feel that this removes some sort of subconscious bias I might have before clicking on these posts. It also creates a surprise factor for whenever I click on a post, causing a combination of fear and excitement.

var subs = document.getElementsByClassName('class="subreddit hover may-blank"');
//subs on list page

for(var i = subs.length - 1; i >= 0; i--)

I think because I am so accustomed to the subreddits that I am subscribed to, it isn't too difficult for me to accurately guess the correct parent subreddits. However, I think that if I were to do the same experiment with someone else's account, it may lead to more surprising results. I also think that a similar project could be down with the top comment for each reddit post. reddit has a very hivemindy thought process, so it is often easy to predict the top comment of a post.