I started to analyze my Google Hangouts history in some of my previous classes (Twitterbot and Rest of You). For my -omancy assignment, I thought that analyzing conversation history could be a pseudo-natural event that could be turned into a fortune. Although we are always in control of what we type, I believe that when we instant message with those we are closest to, our fingers move without thought. 

By analyzing the frequency of messages between myself and two of my ex-girlfriends, I was able to create these songs that represented the unbalance in our relationships. For every week of texts, I counted the number of characters that I sent and the number of characters that she sent. If I sent more characters, than that week would be represented by a single random guitar note. If she sent more characters, that week would be represented by a single random piano note.

Here is the song that is generated with the messages from my most recent ex-girlfriend, GC.

Here is the song with the ex before GC.

If you couldn't tell, the breakup between JJ and I affected me a lot more than that of GC . Both of these songs kind of predict how these relationships would've ended due to the unbalanced nature of the conversations had.

I decided to sonify the data because I think being able to listen to a whole relationship condensed into a single elegy more romantic and magical. Although the two songs are distinctly different, the data may have been misrepresented since some people simply do not talk as often as others.

The majority of the code written lied within parsing the CSV document containing all of the message between myself and the girlfriend. This can be seen here: